Joe Strummer posing wearing Creepers (by Janette Beckman)

Introducing The Strummer.



strummer monk


George Cox Strummer Monk Creeper with red socks and bleached jeans
Strummer Monk Creeper on guitar pedal




Well, its less of an introduction and more of a reconnection… 19 years ago we lost our friend John Graham Mellor, the one and only Joe Strummer. A revered career and a legacy beyond words, the man we have adored generations over left so much to this world.

A champion of identity through his music and his wider philosophy, no individual has captured more perfectly the essence of George Cox. Since he first donned them in the 70s, our signature 593 Mersey style has been synonymous with his name, now we are proud to officially call them by their long unofficial title. The Strummer. Joe’s Shoe.

Model stands on head wearing Strummer Monk Creepers

Joe's signature,

stamped into

every shoe

Joe Strummer Signature

In proud and celebrated collaboration with Joe’s family, we support the Joe Strummer Foundation with every pair we sell. Helping to fund projects for musicians and bringing empowerment to people through music.

5% of the net revenue received by George Cox goes to the Joe Strummer Foundation (Reg. Charity no:1159368). The Joe Strummer Foundation is a registered charity in England and Wales.