Video opening frame quote by Malcolm McLaren

The Original Creeper. Since 1949.


photo courtesy of

Janette Beckman

Joe Strummer posing wearing Creepers (by Janette Beckman)
Motion blurred image of a Diano Creeper

“My pair of George Cox Creepers were probably the most important things I ever bought. They made a statement about what everyone else was wearing and thinking. To wear those shoes was a symbolic act.”


(in conversation with Paul Gorman)

George Cox has been the first choice for storytellers and subcultures since 1949 all the way to today. We are adopted by every new generation and every time in a new way.

Model dances wearing a pair of Skipton Creepers
A person trims the bottom of a Creeper
Image of two George Cox Creeper Boots overlaid on each other in profile

Made with skilled hands and honest machinery. Unapologetically brutal, authentically alternative.

Always stepping forward, George Cox works with innovators and outsiders to constantly redefine the subcultural landscape. Building community, looking ahead.

Black and white Hatton Creeper floating in mid-air