A black Alaska Creeper and Dace Creeper on the pavement in profile overlayed

Dace and Alaska Launch


the Dace

A black Dace Creeper on the pavement in profile
A black Alaska Creeper on the pavement in profile

the alaska

The original. Not something to be taken lightly. By 1949 our founder George James Cox had recently retired. His son George Hamilton Cox ("Hamilton" to distinguish him from Mr George) was in his late forties and had hung up his Wellingborough Rugby club boots to take up the more leisurely pursuit of fishing. So when the demob lads wanted to be shod in something with just a hint of rebellion, it seemed natural to name the shoes after freshwater fish. Dab was born, and its D-ringed brother Dace soon followed.

For 2022 we are launching Dace in its original form, with the low profile IV sole with corrugated foxing. Black, naturally, but also white. Hand embossed 12 times on each pair, using the same brass plates we've used for over 70 years, it's a style for the discerning.

We're also releasing Alaska, a favourite from our past: the 'monk' creeper. In black or black suede, it shares the more discreet IV sole of its quilted friends. This was the first style to use the distinctive and now much copied Skipton slotted apron, with 3 rows of wax interlace.

Black Alaska Creeper floating in mid-air